The Blank Collar

Work is for bots. Life is for humans.


We need to talk about tech. Artificial intelligence? Big data? Blockchain? Internet of things? Augmented reality? The future of work? Emerging digital culture doesn’t have to be a big grey cloud of buzzwords and big talk. We’re sick of having to clamber through it all. Someone needs to sort through the noise of today to find what will matter tomorrow, preferably ASAP.


So we decided to roll up our sleeves get down to it: The Blank Collar Magazine is where you should look if you want to find an authentic, no-nonsense take on life in the swirling, beeping, glowing era of tech.

The idea behind the platform is simple— to write about the digital transformation from a human’s perspective. Because shocker: we need to talk about tech in a down-to-earth way. As blue and white collar jobs become automated, workers from both groups must adopt the blank collar. Here, humans work closely with advanced tech to improve their own work or to add a human touch to machine outputs.

We offer a fresh take on what it all means for you, sitting there, coffee half-drunk, email filling up, Twitter overflowing. Every week you can expect new insight into the challenges and opportunities of modern work, complete with relevant examples— all written in a way that won’t befuddle you. Oh, and there are sure to be some cool links, too.


Our Partners

We are proud to work together with local, dynamic and refreshing partners:


*Being based in Switzerland means being part of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual society. In order to keep it simple, we decided to communicate in English however, you may write to us in whichever official Swiss language you feel most comfortable in. Thank you for your understanding.