The AR apps are coming for us all

Augmented Reality August 3, 2018

The AR apps are coming for us all

Unless you’ve been traversing the camino with nothing but a bandana or have decided to indulge in a trendy no-tech cleanse (why would you do this to yourself?!) Then you, too, are on your phone absolutely all of the time. And you’re comfortable by now with the notion that mobile technology is absolutely killing the game: there are some crazy stats, like 70% of media time is spent on smartphones and mobile devices drive 80% of global internet usage.

Palm-sized reality

So, what’s this have to do with Augmented Reality (AR)? Whether you know it or not, your phone is already AR-compatible. If you haven’t heard yet, exciting things are happening: Google Maps now has AR-assisted navigation, you can translate on-the-go, and some cities even have AR tourism! There are plenty of niche apps you can enjoy, too: like ValPak’s AR coupons (if you’re middle-aged), or Disney’s Dream Play (if you are five). But for the most part, we’re only seeing the beginning of all the AR apps—there’s a lot still “in the works.” We have the hardware, and we’re anxiously awaiting the software. And lucky for all of the developers chomping at the bit, there are some really awesome tools to let this happen.  

If you build it, they will come

After the much-anticipated release of Apple’s ARKit 2.0, it’s safe to say we’ll be able to churn out more quality AR applications in no time. Google’s ARCore, Vuforia, and the aforementioned AR Kit are all augmented reality toolboxes equipped with making AR apps that amuse, amaze, and astound. These kits help apps incorporate visual computer-processing and 3D projection at breakneck speed. They allow cutting-edge features like spatial recognition, eye-tracking, and 2D image parsing, as well as multi-viewer AR (i.e. you see the same content as your friends, in real time!).

Get at it

Why is it relevant that everyone has a super-powerful computer at their disposal, you ask? For one, it means that the interface between digital and real-life is getting a lot thinner: we can creatively develop our world a whole lot faster if we build digitally.The first waves of this disruption are already hitting the market. AR apps are sure to transform your phones, your world, and you yourself. And it won’t be long now— there are already 2,000 apps built using ARKit. So, whip your phone out and get ready. And if you really were in some kind of no-tech detox retreat before reading this article… that sounds like a personal problem. Best of luck!



We’ve got incredible equipment in our hands and back pockets: our cell phones. They’re hubs of creativity, efficiency, and inspiration—so it makes sense to hear that the newest in augmented reality (AR) is developing in a mobile-centered way.