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Blank Collar events are a key part of our DNA. Drawing from the brains of thought leaders of industry innovation, we put you on the cutting edge of technologies and the future of work. By attending our events, you are taking steps into the future of innovation.

Blank Collar events are a platform for the best minds in the industry to share their knowledge. Knowledge that serves as the building blocks for successful digital transformation.


Artificial Intelligence

We welcomed guest speakers Sandra Tobler of Futurae Technologies AG and Peter Metzinger of Business Campaigning at AG to discuss what the future of AI looks like, how we will interact with it, and how we will use AI to serve human innovation.

This event, like all under the Blank Collar umbrella, provided an insider opportunity to learn and collaborate with some of the thought leaders of advanced technologies.



From our cutting edge technology series,we hosted a discussion on Blockchain and innovation. The event featured Dr. Andreas Hauri of oomnium speaking on trust and technology and Kris Pawluk of Orion Vault speaking on Blockchain and art.

The Block Chain summit displayed a key feature of any of our events: we provide a platform for the most unique and cutting edge takes on advanced technology.



We hosted a discussion on the topic of Smart Data. Guest speakers Alexander Mazzara and Martin Widmer joined Kristian Kabashi to discuss all the ways Smart Data has, and will continue to influence industries.

This event let us work out a formula that we embrace with all of our events: themed around cutting edge technology, structured to provide longform, in-depth knowledge, and representative of different perspectives.

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