Upgrade #1



You know your company’s vision and beliefs. But do your employees? We answer that question and help you take the steps to create a unified company mission.

Compiling your company data defines how each unit within views your business model, vision, and mission. Putting your data to use reveals which of your employees understand your business and to what level. We then map each step in your company’s hierarchy, creating end-to-end opportunities to streamline processes.

The Blank Collar

Our Process.

1) Understanding Customers

We understand your customers and know what economical value they have for you and your company.

2) Customer Journey

Let’s figure out what your Off- and Online-Touchpoints are and how you can use them in your customer journey.

3) Multichannel-Mix

How can we optimize the customer journey of your company? What touchpoint should we use?

4) Budget Allocation

How we can maximize the effect of your measures.

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